Great News for Your Wallet

I have been receiving quite a few questions about the price of the Kilimanjaro SHE Climb recently. In this post I will do my best to clarify what the various costs of the climb are. 

1. Each climber is being asked to raise $5,000 to participate in the climb. The money will be due on July 1st, 2015. 

2. This $5,000 will NOT go towards paying for the actual climb with Summit Expeditions and Nomadic Experiences (SENE). The purpose of this event is to donate the money raised by each climber to Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE). 

3. To clarify, each climber is accountable for paying for their travel expenses and SENE for the climb SEPARATE from the $5,000 they raised to donate to SHE. 

4. Finally, some incredibly great news:

Normally it costs $3,850 per person to climb the Lemosho Route. However, because of Simon’s (founder and leader of SENE) generosity, there will be a discounted price for participating in the Kilimanjaro SHE Climb! With a group of 12+ combers, everyone will receive 20% off the original price, hence making the climb cost $3,080! A HUGE thank you to Simon, Tim, and the rest of the SENE team. 

I hope that this information clears up any questions! 

– Bella 


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