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Hello everyone!
My event was a great success last night with a full house at Patagonia@Bend.  After such an inspiring connection with the founder of SHE, Elizabeth Scharpf, I’ve decided to double my fundraising goal and raise $10,000 for SHE, Sustainable Health Enterprises!
If you would like to see the event’s TV coverage please go to:
Thank you to Humm Kambucha for supplying the beverages, and to Katie Carew for her beautiful logo that she designed for the Kilimanjaro SHE Climb. Thank you to Rod Bien, the owner of Patagonia@Bend for his generosity, his lovely introduction, and to his staff who made the event easy for us. Thank you to Patrick Welch, my teacher at Bend High, for video taping the event.
Thank you to Elizabeth Scharpf, the founder and chief instigating officer of SHE, for coming all the way to Bend from New York City to share her passion, vision and brilliance.
And a big thank you to all of you who have already sent donations to SHE on behalf of my project.
How to join the climb:
If you would like to join the Kilimanjaro SHE Climb scheduled for June 17-27, 2015, please contact me at  The cost of the airfare and climb will total approximately $5000 and I am asking all participants to raise $5000 for SHE. I can show you how to set up your fundraising page. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
Our tour/guide will be through Summit Expeditions and Nomadic Experience, founded by Simon Mtuy. Find them at:
To register for the climb, complete SENE’s online Adventure Registration with the trip name “Bella’s Kilimanjaro SHE Climb.” You will be asked to send in a $500 deposit to secure your spot on the climb.
How to support my fundraising efforts:
The fastest way to help fund my efforts is to go to: and click on the donate button.
If you would like to order t-shirts and/or stickers, please let my Mama Sara know by contacting her at She is taking care of that for me. The t’s are black with the large logo in white on the center front. The stickers are 3.5” round as seen below. T’s are $20 and stickers are $2. All proceeds will go to SHE.
Thank you so much,
Bella Wiener

Other media that has been done so far:

Link to The Source Weekly Bend, OR article October 9, 2014
To learn more about Sustainable Health Enterprises, please view their website and some short  videos on YouTube.
Our rocking SHE28 video explains it all
Learn how @SHEnterprises makes big changes w/ #smallthings.

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